3 stone lighter

Now I’m not exactly a slim Jim myself.. but I never thought I’d b put off someone because they Wur to feckin skinny!



Pictures Wur grand

Craic was grand

in person holy Jesus 😧

I duno what diet this guy is on but I need to get me some of that!

He was like a pull thru for a rifle!



Back to work after my holidays #Grim

So iv been off work since the 6th and i went bk today on the 18th 11 days in total..

I don’t think it matters how long your off work for, there will never be a good time to go bk!

Now I know I’m no oil painting, but to be told today that someone in work has got a b/f and I can’t even get a dog to bark at me really hit Home that I Must Be doing something wrong!

Am I to fussy?

Is it wrong to want someone with clean teeth and shoes and possibly some sorta manners??

Ahh jaysus maybe I’m just destined for the single life! )Or just lose all my standards)

Holidaying solo 😎🍹

At the start of the year a friend and myself had planned a holiday..

we picked Lanzarote booked and paid it off..

BUT 4 days before we are due to go away my friend is rushed into hospital.. 😡

Do I stay, or do I go on by myself?

Well sure me being me, I goes alone! πŸ˜‚ I’m in Lanzarote at present on my last night due to fly home tomorrow!

But what’s this got to do with men and dating I hear u say? Feck all basically because even tho I was in a foreign country on my own in a feckin bikini I still didn’t manage to pull.But sure what’s new I now know that I really am happy with my own company fly on my own stay on my own for a week and this is the shocker…. NOT WATCH TV FOR A WHOLE WEEK! Β (there was a tv in the room just no English channels..




Hat fish.. 🎩

we’ve all heard of catfishes,

well hat fish is something similar..

This is how it starts..

hot guy in a hat with a beardΒ send u a message!Β 

ALWAYS!!!!! ask for a picture without the hat.. there’s a difference between shaving ur head and goin bald..

once they take that hat off they could have a receding hairline that makes them go straight from a strong 8/9 to a scary granda style 3/4.. πŸ‘΄πŸΌ

Women have makeup

Men have hats!


this is actually a thing.. πŸ˜±πŸ‘»

I’m VERY guilty of it..

they send u a msg u reply u chat it’s great craic he seems nice!

U get another message!

U never reply to the first guy ever again, u even delete him & block him!


Ghosting at its finest! πŸ‘»

And this is before you even meet him!


The unwanted Dick pic.. πŸ†

so how do we actually deal with this..

iv put warning on my profile NOT to send them, Iv told them in messages NOT to send them..


Iv replied in various ways

Laughing, joking ignoring, blocking, Jeezzz Iv even edited the picture and drew a sad face and tears on his penis and sent it bk with the title, I’m embarrassed!

DIDNT WORK! πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ†

advise welcome! πŸ˜‘

Back to online dating..

Well I think this is Gona be my has time on that 🐠 Dating site!

My profile is now getn outa controll.. lol

I have do’s, dont’s, will’s, won’t’s! πŸ™„ I think I enjoy adding to my profile more than trying to speak to ppl or arrange dates! πŸ™ƒ


Back again (was he the one that got away)

Iv sorta neglected this blog..

yes it was for a man, a lovely guy to be honest, it lasted about 4/5 months I met him on that fish dating site August last year.. 🐠

He had his own business and 3 kids, when they wurnt in his house I was! 😬 My son who is 18 was grand with this because he just wants His mum to be happy!

Anyhooo things got very serious very fast, it seemed like we wur both living in each other’s pockets.. (not really a good thing)

After a few weeks he asked if I would like to go away for the wkend, off we went to the radison in letterkenny! Had an amazing time, treated me like a princess πŸ‘ΈπŸ½Β he seemed very old fashioned about treating a woman Wudnt let me pay for anything! (Which for someone as independent as me was very hard to deal with)

Few months in it was my birthday and he went WAY OVER THE TOP with presents I was shocked at the things he bought me he even sent the BIGGEST bunch of flowers to my work! I couldn’t believe I’d met someone who done these nice things for me!

Now my main worry was his bday was 3 wks after mine! I had to be on my A game and really make it special.. Luckily I won a few quid online playing bingo and got his bday sorted! He was delighted with his present..

Now xmas was a few wks away and I had to buy presents for that too.. πŸ˜‘

This was just all getting too much I felt I was trying to keep up with the presents he was buying me! This wasn’t me at all..

On the 22nd December he phoned me to tell me he would bring my presents down but he had to go somewhere first, I had been off work sick with pleurisy (felt like I was dying) I was a mess, in he came not his bubbly self, sat on the settee and told me he had been at gamblers annonomous and his business was on the bare bones of is arse because he had gambled and frittered away any money he had! 😢 I didn’t know what to say!

I hardly heard from him over xmas, we spoke the day after Boxing Day! He seemed distant, mayb I was reading too much into it or mayb I was spot on, I finished it there and then! I wasn’t going to be able to deal with someone who couldn’t manage their money! Might sound bad but I have always looked after myself my money and never really relied on anyone for anything! Iv always worked hard and my son has wanted for nothing! I just couldn’t understand how someone could put their children’s home at risk by gambling! Mayb I was too harsh..

But what kinda life wud that have Been worrying about every penny! I shuda realised with all the lavish gifts! 🎁

I do miss him even now 7 months later!


Profiles with NO picture..Β 

Ok so my profile has no picture.. I do have them but they r hidden! 

But iv notices more and more guys saying I don’t have pics coz I’m not single!! Why are they even on dating sites?

 So I added to my profile 

 If you don’t have a picture coz ur not single don’t even message me.. Because a refusal often offends! 

I also hope u get rot in ur rod and it falls off

These are just a Couple of rules I think Dating sites should have.. 

1. Your picture must include your head face on! 

No cute puppies, no babies, no sisters, mothers, brothers or other relatives! (Isn’t it ironic don’t ya think! Purely coz Iv not pictures) lol 

2. There should also be an age verification policy.. Seriously I’m fed up with 50/60 somethings posing as 30/40 somethings! While using s picture of him graduating 30 years ago! (I’m sure women are guilty of this also!) 

I also added this wee bit.. Coz basically in Just wana know what the person I’m talking to looks like not play fukin guess who! πŸ˜’

Please don’t ask my what age u look coz I’m crap with age and Iv now found ppl are easily offended when I say they look 45 and they’re actually only 38! 

Also if u have a picture of u and 90 mates don’t make me guess which one is u that’s played out..